a motorist advised by an artificial intelligence during his trial

For the first time, a computer program will provide live assistance to an accused to enable him to best defend himself in court.

A chatbot as a lawyer. An intriguing first will take place next February in the United States: on the occasion of his trial for speeding, a motorist will be able to benefit from the live assistance of an artificial intelligence (AI), whose role will be to dictate to him the best answers to give to the magistrates in the hope of obtaining a dismissal.

AI in the headset

As indicated 01netwhich relays information from NewScientist, this unprecedented legal aid will be provided by the company DoNotPay, which until now has specialized “in contesting fines for lack of parking” through the use of an AI. This time, therefore, the idea is to train the computer program, by making it “ingest a gigantic amount of case law”, so that it can develop a defense strategy in real time.

“The accused will be equipped with a headset through which he will be able to hear all the answers that he will have to repeat in court, explains the 01net article. The text he will hear will be automatically generated by the DoNotPay chatbot after having analyzed the speeches delivered in court, captured using a smartphone.

A life-size test

If it affirms that this device is not intended to completely replace lawyers, in particular because of the complexity of many legal cases, the company DoNotPay nevertheless considers this trial as a life-size test, which could open the way to a new service offer in the field of legal protection.

For the time being, the identity of the defendant who will benefit from this computer assistance and the location of the court are kept secret by the company, which has also assured that it will bear the possible fine which would be imposed on its client, in the event that he is found guilty. 01net specifies, however, that the cost should not be too hard to bear for DoNotPay, since the amount of the financial penalty incurred by the accused has been set at 16 dollars (about 14.90 euros).

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