A levitating ball of electricity? We checked this mysterious video

Faced with this video that has gone viral, several elements call for vigilance. The station platform is strangely empty, the author of the video does not tremble, and he does not jump either at the time of the electric shocks. Above all, the sound seems very artificial. On the soundtrack, there is no background noise. Only cracklings are audible.

Searching for the first occurrence of this video, we went back to a clip published on YouTube on May 27, 2019 and seen more than 7.4 million times. Recorded in Minsk region, Russia, it was uploaded by a certain Andrei Trukhonovets. In the description, the author claims that this is a captured video “during a thunderstorm”. “I was walking along the tracks, and then all of a sudden I heard crackling. I turned around and saw a blue-violet sphere.”


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