A guest stands up and lets go of Gilles Verdez in TPMP (VIDEO)

Monday January 23, Cyril Hanouna received in Do not touch My TV Laurent Richier, whistleblower. This former butcher for years, mainly in mass distribution, recently denounced in a book released on November 17 and entitled “Meat: what if you knew… A retail butcher speaks“, the dubious practices of this profession, in particular with regard to sanitary conditions.

This Wednesday, January 25, Laurent Richier was again invited by Cyril Hanouna on the set of TPMP to face a contradictor. But it was against Gilles Verdez that the former butcher lost his nerve. The fault in particular to a question of this one. “You’re an actor, you’re an animator, you’re also clairvoyant, aren’t you desperately looking for the buzz and, if that’s the case, don’t you hit the butchers to sell your book?“, questioned Gilles Verdez bluntly. “Have you read my book?”retorted somewhat annoyed Laurent Richier before getting up from his chair and joining the columnist.

“You know why I haven’t read it? Too much buzz”, then defended the companion of Fatou. “Yes sir, I was a TV host for 2 years, yes I tried to get out of this shit, of this life, yes I found my father dead on my brother’s grave, I had meningitis, I’ve shit about it all my life, I’ve tried to get out of this shit, I even sent my application to Mr. Hanouna. I did everything but on the other hand I was a butcher, I had to earn a living, and I always hid my job, because I wanted to get out of this shit”, vigorously argued the evening guest, a candidate several years ago on the show Love is blind on TF1.

And to add a layer of it by targeting Gilles Verdez: “It is a shame what you have just done, in front of all the French people. Because I am not a liar! Because too many animals are killed every day… So many animals killed for nothing. Yes I have a personal journey and I claim it”he said before going back to sit down.



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