a friend of the Pellissards (large families) talks about the organization of the couple’s X filming

This Friday, January 13, Jeremstar shared a few moments from his latest report with Amandine Pellissard (Large families: life in XXL) highlighting his professional retraining. The opportunity for him to discuss the underside of his X shoots.

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Revealed in the docu-reality signed TF1, Large families: life in XXL, the Pellissards are among the most popular clans in the program. However, all good things come to an end. To everyone’s surprise, Amandine and Alexandre Pellissard announced that they would no longer appear on screen and criticized them for being manipulated, especially when Amandine lost her babies. The story will go much further because they will bring them to justice. “We attack them under criminal law for concealed work, in particular on our children, therefore on ten people (our eight children and us two) and against the prud’hommes for qualification of contracts because we did not have any. We only signed broadcast authorizations, such as a report with witness status. In a documentary, you do things, whether there is a camera or not. It’s been a long time since we’ve been in this register.” she explained at the microphone of Tele-Leisure. Since then, the mother of the family has announced thatshe opened an account on the MYM platform and its conversion into erotic content.

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A well-prepared organization

If the new project has caused a lot of talk, Internet users will soon be able to find out more about it. And for good reason, Jeremstar returned to see his friend and his happy tribe for a report related to this change of life. During an Instagram story unveiled this Friday, January 13, the videographer wanted to make an update concerning the organization of his filming, in particular vis-à-vis children. “Of course, they don’t shoot X content in the presence of their children… They do it when they are at school or sleeping”he specified.

Two not incompatible worlds

Although she is a mother of eight children, Amandine Pellissard manages to reconcile the two. Asked about this, the influencer assured that her new project was not incompatible with her family life. “You will see in this video, there are two worlds. The X world, but also the mother world. I find it hard to understand how the two cohabit… The two are finally compatible, we have to stop! Before I was a mother, I was a woman and my children, I didn’t make them looking my husband in the eye“, she explained. Her report with Jeremstar may provide additional clarification.

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