a famous TV host arrives in the credits of the show, find out which one!

In the credits of the show Large families, life in XXL of this Tuesday, January 24, a well-known host was seen alongside one of the families of the program. A remarkable appearance.

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Since June 2020, viewers have been discovering the astonishing daily life of families with multiple children thanks to the TF1 program, Large families, life in XXL. For nearly three years, these tribes have benefited from significant media coverage to the point that mothers often become content creators or influencers in addition to their job, or even quit their profession altogether to devote himself to this new activity. Viewers have recently seen six new families enter their living room: namely the Tranthem Valientethem Hammerli or even the Riquelme. If the show focuses on unknown people, it appeared in its credits this Tuesday, January 24 a famous host of France 2, who meets the Romero family and in particular Souad, the mother of the family.

A meeting that delights Souad Romero

Indeed, we can see them exchange a hug and hear Mario’s wife say: “Patrick, but how happy I am to see you!” The presenter in question being Patrick Sebastian. The mother of the family then explained, visibly delighted with this meeting “unbelievable”that she has “let go completely when I see him”. A moment that the mother of five greatly savored, as shown by the images in the credits. But not only, since the former host of Biggest cabaret in the world took photos with the whole family.

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“An appointment not to be missed”

In the program broadcast this Friday, January 20, Mario Romero wanted to make his children discover his roots by participating in “the party of the gypsies”. Head to Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer for the whole family. On the program for this special day: “Going to eat with the family, going to the Sète market, walking with our children… Every year, it’s an event not to be missed”had explained the father of the family, proud of his origins.

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Large families, life in XXL: a famous TV host arrives in the credits of the show, find out which one!

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