a famous presenter recounts the terrifying last hours of Jacques Martin in a “wheelchair”

An emblematic figure of French television, Jacques Martin left us on September 14, 2007. In 1998, the famous host suffered a stroke which left him half paralyzed and from which he never really recovered. Over the years he “waiting for death” as his friend Pierre Bonte confided in an interview granted to 7out7. “Rarely have I seen so much sadness in someone’s eyes as in Martin’s when I went to see him in August”he confided, still moved by these terrible images, before specifying: “He was humiliated: physically, he was diminished and suffered from showing himself like that. He didn’t want to see anyone anymore. When I went to see him the last time, I hadn’t told him. He suffered a lot: when I I saw him, he was waiting for death…”

The journalist and host partly confirmed his remarks during his visit to Jordan de Luxe, and took the opportunity to make new revelations. Pierre Bonte was able to see Jacques Martin, “a month before his death”… and will probably prefer to forget these painful memories to keep only the best, several years before seeing him so weakened.

Jacques Martin in a terrible state

Indeed, according to him, the one who would have been “killed” by Cecilia Attias, “didn’t want to see anyone anymore!”. “He took refuge at the Hôtel du Palais! Danielle Evenoux told me: ‘he doesn’t want to see me anymore, he doesn’t want to talk to me anymore!’ I flew I arrived in the hotel lobby, he was in chemo, and he arrived in a wheelchair”, he continued. When Pierre Bonte was able to share a meal with his friend, the latter would not have “says a word of the meal”.

“He was exhausted”, he remembers before thanking heaven that no photo of him was taken when he was awaiting death. Because “He was terribly thin and pitifully weak”. Pierre Bonte goes even further and looser than Jacques Martin “was pity”

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