a disgruntled guest drives his car into a hotel

A disgruntled guest drove into a Shanghai hotel on Tuesday (January 10th), causing chaos in the lobby but causing no injuries, after a argument with employees about his missing computer.

Several videos posted on social media showed the scene: a white convertible smashing through the doors of the Central Hotel in Shanghai before backing up and tumbling into the lobby.

“He became crazy !”

He became crazy!“, can we hear dumbfounded customers say, while the vehicle destroys everything in its path. The car ended its race in the frame of another exit door, all hazard lights on. “Do you have any idea what you just did?shouted spectators from the scene, while others tried to get the driver out of his car.

According to the police, the latter is a certain Chen, 28 years old. He allegedly argued with hotel employees after his laptop went missing during his stay. Staff at the establishment told AFP that the device had been stolen and then found outside the hotel.

No injuries were reported, police said on social media Weibo, adding that the driver had been arrested pending an investigation.

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