A couple caught having sex by a driver during the Rallye Monte-Carlo

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A couple was caught having sex by a Monte-Carlo rally driver on Thursday evening January 19.

It is an evening that Jourdan Serderidis will remember. The Greek driver surprised a couple having sex while taking part in the first evening of the Rallye Monte-Carlo, Thursday January 19, as reported by our colleagues from Var-Morning.

As he rushed to connect La Cabanette to the Col de Castillon, the pilot glimpsed, in the light of his headlights, a couple, visibly in the middle of a sexual act. The scene, captured by his on-board camera, was shared on social networks.

We can indeed see two people, bundled up from head to toe – well, almost – in a very equivocal position, under the eyes of a man dressed in a blue parka.

The sequence, mind-blowing, greatly reacted to Internet users. Some even went there with their theories. False staging, filming X movies, pressing desire…for the moment, the mystery remains intact.

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