A coach fired less than a day after taking office in MLS / MLS / CF Montreal / SOFOOT.com

A reversal of jacket of unprecedented speed.

CF Montreal has surely just broken the record for the club that will have fired a coach the fastest. In search of a new coach to lead its reserve team, the club which plays in Major League Soccer (MLS) first thought of finding the rare pearl by signing Sandro Grande this Monday. The young coach, former teammate of Montreal President Gabriel Gervais, had everything in hand. Yes, but here it is, barely fifteen hours later, the Canadian club operated a rather crazy backpedal by announcing “end his agreement with Sandro Grande” . An incomprehensible decision at first sight, visibly motivated by a dark story brought to the surface 10 years later.

In 2012, the city of Montreal was the scene of a gun attack targeting the newly elected government of Quebec. If the shooter is arrested quickly before attacking Prime Minister Pauline Marois, he causes one victim and several injuries. An episode which had then made Grande react on social networks. “The only mistake the shooter made was missing his target. Next time dude! I hope ! » This Tuesday, President Gervais therefore apologized to the government, considering that he had “lacked sensitivity and largely underestimated the scope of Sandro Grande’s remarks” .

Great doesn’t grow out of it.



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