a boss gives an electric car to all his employees for Christmas

In Calvados, a business manager has decided to offer all of his teams a new electric car.

Still in 2023, and despite all the aid, the high price remains the main obstacle to the purchase of an electric vehicle. Well aware of these difficulties, a Norman company manager has decided to offer a new electric car to all of his employees for Christmas, relates Paris-Normandy. The ten employees of the Femaag Packing company, which manufactures packaging machines, near Pont-l’Évêque (Calvados) were given the keys to a mid-range Peugeot e-208. Excluding bonuses, its starting price is estimated at 34,550 euros.

Wage freeze in stride

The founder of the company François Gosset wishes through this gesture to encourage his employees to opt for clean mobility. Himself owner of a Tesla for several years, he would not go back for anything in the world. “For four or five years, I have been trying to find a way to encourage my team to drive cleaner. The idea of ​​giving everyone a car paid for by the company has gained ground,” he explains at the microphone of Sweet FM. Employees are free to use their gift during the week to come to work but also during their holidays. “As long as they use it as much as possible,” adds the generous entrepreneur.

To pamper their new toy, however, employees will have to put their hands in their wallets. A contribution of 30 euros per month is required for each of them. The amount corresponds to the installation of electrical terminals in the company car park, maintenance costs and insurance. In the event of departure from the company, the employee must return the keys. Even less encouraging, the Norman boss also announced a wage freeze “for a few years” in order to amortize the sums spent.

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