A 40% increase in prices in supermarkets? Industrialists calm things down

published on Monday, January 16, 2023 at 6:45 p.m.

The big food manufacturers have denounced the “apocalyptic predictions” of large retailers concerning soaring prices in supermarkets, reports BFMTV, Monday, January 16.

A bill, brought by the Renaissance deputy for Val-d’Oise, Frédéric Descrozaille, and examined in the National Assembly from this Monday, January 16, is at the heart of all discussions. The elected official wishes to give more weight to the food industry in trade negotiations with the actors of the large distribution.

The latter denounced a “scandal” inflationary dictated by the major manufacturers in the sector.

According to them, this bill could indeed cause prices to explode in supermarkets, which have already seen a significant increase in recent months. Faced with these accusations, manufacturers are trying to calm things down. “Now is not the time to alarm people with doomsday predictions”tempered on BFM Business Richard Panquiault, general manager of Ilec (Institute of liaisons and studies of consumer industries), this Monday morning.

“Rate increases between 12% and 15%”

For Richard Panquiault, those who advance “doomsday predictions that have no chance of happening (…) will come back afterwards to explain to you that, if it didn’t happen, it’s thanks to them”. The managing director of Ilec also announced a “consensus” on the “price increases between 12% and 15%” for food products. “This is already a lot (…) but it’s not 30%, it’s not 40%”he nuanced, at the microphone of BFM Business.

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