A 4-year-old child filmed with a diaper and a weapon: the video that creates controversy in the United States

The footage was broadcast live on a reality show that follows police work.

Images that went live on American TV this Saturday, January 14, have been the subject of much debate ever since.

Indeed while the film crews of the reality show “On Patrol: Live” who follow the police in their work, went to Beech Grove in Indiana after a distress call from a woman, they captured spine-chilling images.

He robs a woman and her son in the hallway

We see a 4-year-old boy who has fun pointing a handgun in the lobby of a building while doing “Pan, pan, pan”.

Even if it is only a child and only a game, the woman who warned the police, works in the arms and knew how to recognize that it was a real , as reported CNN.

Especially since despite his small size and therefore his limited strength, the little boy who appears in diaper tickles the trigger. And he would have had fun targeting the woman in question and her son in the hallway when they returned to their home.

Surveillance camera and weapon hidden under the TV

When they arrived, the police viewed the surveillance cameras which filmed the scene. The little boy had come home. They went to the home of the father who claimed not to have any guns – he is a former criminal who is not allowed to own one – he said that if there was a gun in the house , it must have belonged to his cousin.

While carrying out a search of the apartment, the police quickly find a “Smith & Wesson SD9mm”, a 9 mm hidden under the television in the living room.

According to one report, there was 15 rounds in the magazine, but none in the gun chamber.

The arrested man

The father of the 4-year-old boy, Shane Osborne, 45, told officers he was sick and asleep when his son left home. He’s been charged with negligence at the moment, but owning a gun in his home could cost him a whole lot more.

The child was entrusted to his mother.

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