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Developed by the American studio Naughty Dogs, “The Last of Us” arrives in 2013 on a PlayStation 3 at the end of its life. Carried by an exceptional critical reception, it will be an immediate hit. A success confirmed the following year, when it was ported to PlayStation 4. Its sequel, “The Last of Us Part II”released in 2020, will in turn mark the spirits.

A classic but effective universe

We are in a devastated world. A fungus, cordyceps, changes part of the population into “infected”, a kind of very aggressive zombies. A classic post-apocalyptic universe, but which reveals everything that makes the strength of the license: its characters and their relationships. But do not expect a health walk: certain passages of the game have traumatized many players.

An endearing duo

“The Last of Us” is above all a duo of charismatic and endearing main characters. Joel, fifties broken by the trials of life on one side; Ellie, a 14-year-old girl apparently immune to the other’s fungus. The first escorts the second through devastated America. As moving as it is unpredictable, the relationship between the two characters – played respectively by Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey in the series – is the real engine of the game.

The director of the game at the controls

This is a sign that should reassure fans of the game. Neil Druckmann, producer, screenwriter and director of the two parts, is at the helm of the series adaptation. At his side, we find Craig Mazin, showrunner of the very successful “Chernobyl”, already produced by HBO.

A surprise arrival on Amazon in France

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