38 of the 69 Sri Lankan migrants who arrived on January 14 have been deported

Deportation of Sri Lankan nationals

A plane took off today from Reunion Island to fly back to Sri Lanka 38 (including 2 women and 2 minors) of the 69 nationals who arrived on January 14, 2023 aboard the boat IMULA 532 CHW.

This was the 5th ship to have docked on our soil since July 2022.

At the end of the procedure, of the 31 Sri Lankans remaining, 7 are accompanied minors and the 24 others have been admitted to file an asylum application.

The very strong mobilization of State services, under the supervision of the judge, has again made it possible to enforce the law while respecting human dignity, and to ensure the deportation of unauthorized migrants in just ten days.

The gymnasium of the municipality of Sainte-Marie mobilized to welcome migrants will be quickly released to allow it to welcome again the usual activities that take place there.


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