19 dead and 20 injured after a collision between a truck and a funeral procession

The “major traffic accident” took place shortly before 1 a.m. (5 p.m. in France) in Nanchang county, Jiangxi province, according to public television CCTV, which added that “the cause of the accident is the subject of a thorough investigation”.

People had made offerings to the dead on the side of the road before heading to the crematorium on Sunday morning, a local resident named Deng told local newspaper Jimu News.

Most of the dead and injured were funeral attendees, according to this media. Another man residing nearby, surnamed Gong, told Jimu News he attended the funeral with his wife, who was killed in the crash. He described the truck suddenly slamming into the rear of the motorcade, then driving through the crowd before reaching the hearse.

Reduced visibility

About an hour after the news broke, traffic police in Nanchang County issued advice to drivers, warning that the area was experiencing “foggy weather”.

“Visibility behind the wheel is poor. There is poor visibility, which can easily cause traffic accidents. “Please pay attention to fog lights… slow down, drive carefully, keep a safe distance from the car in front of you, avoid pedestrians, do not change lanes and do not overtake,” traffic safety further advised.

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