12VHPWR cable melting: CableMod also affected

After the setbacks with the 12VHPWR cable where NVIDIA was quick to reactthe problem also concerns CableMod. Indeed, the custom brand cable is also found with cast iron concerns.

The 12VHPWR cable from CableMod also affected by the melting

CableMod is a company that manufactures custom cables with the aim of replacing the original ones to give more cachet to its configuration. In addition, the company was quick to announce that it was working on custom 12VHPWR cables with the aim of replacing those supplied by NVIDIA.

So yes, but here it is: the graphics card manufacturer was faced with a problem with the 12VHPWR cable melting. According to NVIDIA, the problem of melted cables only occurs when users plug in said cable incorrectly. This is because these 16-pin connectors are more difficult to fully plug in, so many users would not plug them in correctly. Since NVIDIA made this statement, the number of reported cases has dropped significantly, which means it might have been the case after all.

Still, a user of the Reddit forum, HassanKz, saw his custom cable melt away. However, he claims to have pressed the 12VHPWR connector well until it “clicks” signifying the correct connection. Despite this, the cable is well and truly melted. Luckily, the GPU has nothing.

CableMod was quick to respond in the thread by being a little clearer. If the cable and the GPU are defective, the company promises to support the replacement.

Really sorry about that – please contact our support and we’ll work it out with you! Our products come with service, and we help every customer.

“The card is not damaged (we spoke to him), but in case our cables do damage a card, then we will replace the GPU – we have done this in the past in very rare cases where our cables do damage something .

Cable Mod.

In case some might encounter a similar issue, CableMod’s statement is reassuring. Indeed, the company makes sure to solve any problems, if it should arise.
Let’s not forget that this is the first case identified, although the cable melting case has “been resolved”.

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